Guidance for lawyers in career transition

Trusted advisor in legal career management, executive coaching and professional development consulting


Preferred Transition Resources specializes in career coaching and outplacement. Our firm is comprised of seasoned career counselors who have coached and counseled professionals in transition for over 20 years. We collaborate to further career development – and to assure that work is professionally rewarding.

Real world experience in recruiting and business helps us set professionals on the path toward success. Our team is comprised of accomplished lawyers, coaches, and consultants. From working in career development at a large university to interpreting Myers Briggs assessments, each member of our team brings unique skills to the coaching process.

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Your professional goals and interests are important to us. We believe that personal connection is the best form of communication. We emphasize one-on-one meetings so our coaching is tailored to your unique career path and personality.

Our industry knowledge enables us to assess the client’s needs, and make a plan in their best interest. We focus on people on an individual level, but are also capable of innovative programs on the organization’s level.