Career Transition Counseling

By focusing on your specific career goals and objectives, we work with you in a customized, individual way.  Our goal is to help you maximize the results of your efforts so that you find work that is personally and professionally rewarding.

Our career coaches have worked closely with legal professionals from varied backgrounds and will support you in ways that fit your objectives.

A program with PTR includes:

  • One-on-one career coaching and counseling; on-call access for interview preparation or other urgent matters
  • Support in managing career change if desired
  • Assessment of background and next-step career options, based on key experiences, strengths, interests, values and objectives
  • Career options evaluation: defining target market(s), exploring alternatives.
  • Preparation of powerful, targeted resume and/or bio
  • Expert LinkedIn guidance for maximizing the platform for the job search process
  • Establishing an individualized strategic action plan
  • Developing contact lists for relationship building and strategic market research; learning the nuances of effective networking; fine-tuning communications
  • Identifying recruiters who handle specific areas of interest
  • Introductions to key contacts to advance the search
  • Preparation for telephone calls and pitches
  • Interviewing techniques and strategies training with role play
  • Debriefing after interview or networking meetings
  • Gaining the essentials for obtaining targeted research
  • Negotiating salary, benefits, and prerequisite