Retiring Partner Coaching

Research suggests that the most challenging aspect of retirement for Baby Boomers is not financial but, rather, a sense of purpose.  The changes in daily structures, social interactions, mental and physical activities can be jarring.   To transition smoothly into retirement, law firm partners must tap into a different set of skills and competencies than those they relied on to be successful throughout their careers.  Retirement demands a new way of thinking about and measuring personal success.  It can be both liberating and terrifying to shed a familiar work identity in order to explore other sides of self.

PTR’s retirement coach, Kathleen Brady, can provide you with the support, insight, tools and resources you need to renew and reinvent yourself.  Together, she will help you:

  • define purpose and meaning for your post-career life
  • address any fears or concerns
  • examine your dreams and goals
  • manage changing relationships with family, friends and former colleagues
  • design action step to achieve personal goals

Retirement in not just an ending to a successful career; it is an opportunity to explore leisure activities and engage in new areas of personal growth.  Kathleen can help you envision and create your life’s “second act.”


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