Gabrielle Marshall

Senior Consultant

Gabrielle brings a unique set of skills gained from her extensive time as a practicing attorney, and then as both a career counselor and an adjunct professor to law students.
Gabrielle began her legal career as a litigator at the law firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP. There for nearly a decade, Gabrielle appreciates and understands the inner workings and politics of private practice. It was in her legal practice that Gabrielle ultimately found her passion: providing mentorship and professional development guidance to others. In pursuit of this passion, Gabrielle left practice and became an Associate Director at Fordham Law School’s Career Planning Center. Most recently, Gabrielle served as adjunct law professor at Rutgers School of Law, where, in addition to teaching a course designed to hone legal analysis and writing skills, she provided academic support and counseling to second year law students.

As a consultant, Gabrielle encourages taking a breath. It is all too easy to find comfort in the daily grind. For most lawyers, the career path until now has been predictable and linear and a call for change, whether by choice or not, can be daunting. Often just a reminder to slow down opens up the ability to truly figure out the best next step. Gabrielle can help you take the necessary pauses so that where you go next is not the result of a plan laid out for you but one chose by you.

A New Jersey native, Gabrielle earned her law degree from Rutgers School of Law Newark, where she was a member of Rutgers Law Review and elected to Order of the Coif upon graduation. Gabrielle moved to Brooklyn, NY at the start of her legal career. Still in Brooklyn, her household expanded over the years to include her husband and their two children.

When not consulting, Gabrielle enjoys photography and watching her children forge their own path, even if that is as simple as her daughter taking a first step without holding her hand.