Gearing Up for the New Year Shuffle

The Fourth Quarter is a tough time to start thinking about a career transition, right? Wrong! These last few months can and should be the most productive for job seekers.

Fourth Quarter is an excellent time to gear up and get ready for the annual January job shuffle. Even if you’re not actively looking for a new position, updating your “marketing materials” (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.), connecting with current and former colleagues, and getting a jump on the New Year’s “to do” list will save these tasks from getting lost in the beginning-of-year frenzy. While the end of the year may not be the best time to apply for jobs, this is one small part of the job search. A comprehensive job search includes months of job search related self-reflection, research and networking, as well as interview preparation and follow up. Why not hit the ground running, rather than wait for the New Year chaos?

Here are some tips for your Fourth Quarter career management activities to engage in, whether or not you’re actively looking to make a change.

  1. Set aside some reflective time to review your activities for the year. Are you growing personally and professionally in your current role? If not, consider what actions you need to take in the coming year to recalibrate.
  2. Update your marketing materials – resume, LinkedIn profile, law firm bio – to reflect your most recent work
  3. Have lunch with two professional contacts – make it a “Holiday Get Together.” It is an easy and informal way to gather intelligence about what is going on beyond your immediate experience.
  4. Plan to attend one networking event, with an eye to making new connections at target organizations or industries. The Fourth Quarter is filled with holiday parties to choose from.
  5. Spend time speaking with people internally about their career goals and objectives for the New Year – this may give you ideas and inspiration to set your own career management objectives.

Whether you’re actively looking or just curious about what’s “out there”, use the Fourth Quarter as a time to learn more about the active job market to ensure your skills and expertise are keeping pace with market demands.   You don’t want to get left in the dust.



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