Making the Case for Business Development Coaching

Many lawyers are uncomfortable with the notion of business development.  They express their distaste for “selling,” yet acknowledge its important link to their career success. Reluctantly, they agree to engage a business development coach to illustrate their willingness to try.

It has been my experience as a coach that whenever anyone approaches any activity with a “have to” or “I’ll try” mindset, they have limited success.  “Have to” attitudes are shroud in negative energy that creates needless stress, depleting mental resources needed to complete other important legal tasks.  This approach fails to serve the attorney, the Firm or the client.

Shifting a busy attorney from a “have to/I’ll try” mindset to a “want to/can do” mindset is no easy feat, yet it can be done by focusing on two intertwined issues: learning tactical strategies (a.k.a. the “how”) and examining limiting beliefs (a.k.a “the obstacles”).   READ MORE


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