Pause, Ponder, Plan

August is the exemplary transition month. It is celebrated for its unhurried and relaxing pace, yet it is also peppered with anticipation, excitement (and in some instances, dread!) for what awaits us in the fall. Perhaps you are gearing up for back to school season with your children or preparing to receive a new class of 1Ls or to integrate a new cadre of associates. Maybe you are strategizing for a strong forth quarter at work or thinking about your next career move. Whatever your situation might be, August is the perfect month to pause, ponder and plan.
The key to successful transitions, whether they are personal or professional, voluntary or involuntary, is the pause. Before leaping into action it is important to stop and take your own pulse to acknowledge any unspoken thoughts or emotions. How you feel about and label the transition will set the tone for your approach to the change. For better or worse, your mindset will impact your outcome. The pause offers you an ability to be intentional.
During the other 11 months we typically believe we are too busy for the pause and leap into immediate action without a well thought out plan. The slow pace of Augustforces us to pause. Now we have time to ponder. Spending an afternoon watching the waves gently caress the shore, or gazing silently into your favorite lake or soaking in a warm bath can provide a wonderful backdrop to “hear” your own thoughts. Sometimes, even sitting at your desk without the usual barrage of demands and constant interruptions can provide the needed space for contemplation. It is that quiet space that allows us to explore various “what if” scenarios and see the situation from a variety of perspectives. The ponder allows us to develop new methods to achieve familiar goals.
And then we plan.
With our ideas more firmly explored in our own minds, we can now set forth the action items to attain our goals.
As you enjoy the final days of summer, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to pause, ponder and plan to ensure a fabulous fall!

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